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Look what I'm gettin' - KSS!

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I'm so excited! I've been out of town for the past week - away from my computer (so no e-mail or MDC
) - and I was just thrilled to come back to an e-mail from Karen saying that Isabella's Birthday Soaker was complete!
It's ruby-red for July's birthstone, with a larkspur (July's flower) on the back and a crab (for the July's zodiac sign, Cancer) on the front! I'm in
: with it!
Ruby in July

Oh - and a big THANK YOU to ChristinaB - without her this soaker never would be mine!
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That is one beautiful soaker!!!
Make sure you post pictures when you get it!!!
How neat!! I never thought of doing a birthstone/flower/zodiac sign soaker! That's so creative!
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I am a cancer to...... and that is wicked cute........
Thanks you guys! I'm just so excited about it! DH and I are both July babies too, so this is a really specialy soaker for us!
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There arent a lot of soakers I would buy (for obvious reasons :LOL) but I would definitely get a KSS. She is amazingly talented
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I'm embarrassed to say this, but...I was looking at the soaker and thinking, "
THAT IS GORGEOUS! Hmmmm...I wonder what color/birthstone/zodiac ds is?

He is a July baby too! :LOL What a dope am I?
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That is stunning! Karen does amazing work. What a special birthday soaker!
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WOW!! The flowers on that are stunning. I really love the saturated red lovely!!
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saw that today, OMG! love it.
Wonderful idea and of course, Karen brought it all to life!
That is beautiful!! I'm a July baby... it's so pretty I'm thinking I need one :LOL
That is *such* a pretty soaker. Happy almost birthday to your DD!
Like I said: I'm jealous! It's beautiful, Karen did goregous work, as always!

AWESOME!!! It looks great!

Happy birthday you you, DH, DD (and me :LOL I'm a July baby too!)
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That is un-freaking-believable! That was my first thought! :LOL I'm just amazed at her talent.. I'm so glad she still makes soakers despite her busy schedule!!!
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