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My 3 kids and I have lived with my mom and her husband since May 2003 when I separated (and then divorced) my ex. I looked at a really cool duplex today that seems perfect for us to start out in. The landlord lives in the other half. The inside is so nice and clean and he seemed really nice. My friend came with me to lend support.
So he's going to call me in a few days. We'll see what happens. I'm kind of a wreck. It would be a lot to do - move and go back to school with no help from anyone really. But for my sanity, I think its the best. I've spent the last two years dealing with being bipolar and getting my meds (and emotional self) where they need to be, paying off some bills, planning my nursing carreer... have a steady boyfriend. Kids are doing well in school. Is this too much to ask? I'm afraid we'll be turned down. Its a dream my kids have been begging for for years. I need this for personal growth if anything, yK? I have never gotten or had an apartment by myself- EXCEPT when I lived in a commune for less than a year while going to school when I was 21. I managed to go to school, go to a job, and live in my own place - all using the public bus! At least I have a car now.
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