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I am stuck here. I have 1-2 semesters left on a bachelors in political science (useless). I don't even want to finish, but the financial and personal investment in this degree is hard to give up. As I see it, I have a couple of options, and I hope you ladies can help me!

1. Transfer my credits to a program that offers a bachelors in midwifery, and finish up there.
Pros: Could begin this next semester, wouldn't have to finish this BS degree I am getting
Cons: Not getting a degree from the (rather prestigious) university I currently attend

2. Attend my university part-time and dually enroll in a midwifery program.
Pros: A bit of time to find a preceptor, also being enrolled will help show potential preceptors that I am invested, get my degree and also begin studying what I love
Cons: Tricky to attend two schools at once, some programs require you to have a preceptor before you begin your studies

3. Finish up this degree, keep my options open, and revisit this in a year or so when I am done
Pros: Probably simpler, again will give me time to find a preceptor
Cons: Sort of miserable doing what I am doing now; I have trained as a doula and know that I want my life's work to be in birth

Other questions:
1. How did you find your preceptor? Any tips?
2. How did you complete the academic portion of your studies? Any recommendations?

Anything you can contribute would be amazing, I know this is a long post but thank you!

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Ironically, I kind of know where you're coming from. My first BA was in political science. I worked in that for 10 years and then decided to go back to be a nurse and am now a student nurse midwife.

What kind of midwife do you wish to become? If you want to be a CNM, there are graduate entry programs all over the country for people with non-nursing bachelor's degrees (even poli sci!). You would probably have to take a few science courses before applying, but once you get in, it's about 3 years full-time and you will graduate as an RN and a CNM. If you don't want to do the grad entry option, you could always go to a community college to earn an ADN (it would probably only take the 2 years or a bit longer since you already have classes like history and english) and then go to a CNM program. A lot of programs offer an entry option for people who are RN's with a non-nursing bachelor's degree. Frontier (where I go) has a program like that. The nice thing about that option is that you can work part-time as a nurse while you are in midwifery school and I think that experience is invaluable, plus you will make pretty good money!

Honestly, with only 1-2 semesters left to your BA, I would just continue and get it. Life has a way of getting crazy sometimes, so having that BA may just be valuable to you one day soon. Plus, it will open doors for you in the future.

If you wish to be a CPM, I can't really give you much info on that. I'm sure the other ladies on this board can offers some good advice! Good luck with your decision!!
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