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Looking for a CD info pack for new moms. . .

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Most people I know don't CD, and there are so many babies being born where I am right now. I was thinking it'd be nice to include a CD info package along with my shower gifts. Nothing intrusive or nagging. Just some basic info how to do it, how to wash them, where to find info, where to buy them, and the different kinds available. I did lots of research on it before I had my little one and would like to share it with others. The women I've talked to around here who have learned that I CD have been really intrigued by the idea, but know nothing about how easy and wonderful it is. If there's not already something available like this, I'll put one together myself. Thanks, Kelly
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I haven't heard of one or seen one, but I think it's a great idea! You may be able to print some stuff off from on-line places like Born to Love and other various diaper stores. Good luck!
Because I'm new to the forum, I'm not exactly sure if I can post a link or not. I do know a WAHM that includes a little brochure called Cloth Diapering 101. If you want, PM or email me, and I'll link you to her.
I actually wrote up a few pages of info and links because I've been asked several times from moms who notice ds's cute cloth peeking from his pants. You could always do that or if you just do a google or yahoo search for "cloth diaper info" you'll find many many links. In fact, so many I can't list them all. Just browse them and find one that you personally like and just direct them there.
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That's a good idea. I spent a few good months looking at all the diapers and sites, there are so many it's easy to get overwhelmed.
Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone.

Holli--I'll have to pick up that book; sounds good. Oh, and btw, I've pm'ed you about something non-related. I hope you don't mind . . .

Ember--I'll try the google search, but it may be fun to put something together myself like you did . . .

WhitneyVL--I will pm you. thanks.
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That is such a wonderful idea! I really had no idea what cloth was like.
If anyone wants it, I can pm you my diaper explanation and links pages. Just let me know.
There are 3 pages so it's a bit much to put up on the forum.
You can feel free to add or subtract whatever info you like.
Page 1 is a synopsis of the different types of diapers
Page 2 are links to some of my favorite diaper sites and short descriptions
Page 3 is my washing system and some benefits I've feel about "why to cd"
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