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Looking for a dentist anywhere in VA...

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I am looking for a good dentist to do some relatively major work on my two year old. The only pediatric dentists in my town do not allow parents back during procedures if the child is sedated. In addition, I have concerns about their positions on breastfeeding, fluoride, and metal in the mouth.

I am willing to drive pretty far, so please let me know if you know anyone. If anyone wants to know the full story of what's going on, I am going to post in the dental forum as well.

Thanks in advance!
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Ds is having a filling done with sedation in a few weeks. He is 2½. You really will probably have a hard time finding someone who will let you back during a sedation mostly because they have several people already in the room. We interviewed one dentist (Hasty in Va Beach) and didn't like him at all. Just got bad vibes from that man. He's going to Dr. Townsend Brown instead and we really liked him and his office staff a lot. You just kind of have to go by your mommy vibes to find someone you will trust your dc with. I procrastinated quite awhile trying to find someone that would let me be back there during a sedation and finally have to give in because I didn't want the tooth to progress to root canal severity. It has been stressing me out having this cavity in his mouth and I just need to get it taken care of for my own personal sanity. lol! It was way more stressful than not being in the room with him. This dentist will let him be with me until the sedation kicks in and really after that your dc could care less if the purple people eater came in the door. lol!
They do encourage flouride (just nod and smile or straight up lie. lol!) but as far as mercury fillings all I did was put on the initial paperwork that we would rather not use those types of fillings. They ask on there if you have any special concerns. All that was said about the fillings was that since ds kicks and screams that to do a white filling he'd have to use sedation because it needs to be so dry.
And also the paper asked when his last tetanus shot was and I put n/a so I assume they got the hint that we are more crunchy minded. lol! Since my ds is 2½ they didn't ask about breastfeeding so I didn't mention it. No need to IMHO.
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I'm guessing this is too late...but there is a "natural" dentist in the Fredericksburg area....just can't think of his name though!!!! argh! He does advertise inplaces like the Natural Path and KIng George Health Food Store....
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