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Looking for a good pattern

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This forum has truly awe-inspiring resources.

I tried making diapers when DD (now 5) was tiny, and it didn't really work out for me. When we get around to having a second baby, I'd like to try again. I teach, and I'm busy, so it seems prudent to start the project as far in advance as possible.

I'm planning to use mostly prefolds, and dds hand me downs. I also want to make some sidesnapping or snappi-able newborn diapers using hemp terry and sherpa, because I love the feel, and possibly some pocket diapers. I'd like them to be not-too-terribly bulky, and to have umbilical cord notches.

I have a sewing machine and I have access to a serger - I'd probably rather sew than serge.

Is there a good pattern for diapers like this? How much trouble is it to make your own pattern from scratch? Are there pattern-making guidelines somewhere?

Thanks in advance.
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Look up! The diapers patterns resource sticky has great info and many links to free patterns. I'm sure you'll find something useful! Also, I do have a link to a site for drafting your own pattern.
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