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Looking for a homebirth book for dads...

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I am 33 wks with #2 (first was hospital) and my husband wants to do some reading. He doesn't need a book to "convince" him. He is totally excited about homebirthing he just wants a more technical book about what to expect, how to support during labor, etc. Any ideas?
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how about Penny Simkin's The Birth Partner? I know it's not all about HB but it's a wonderful book and has tons of good info. in there.
My husband is reading Penny Simkin's Birth Partner right now. I just finished the Bradley Method book by Susan McCutcheon. I think I like the Bradley book better. It's next on my husband's list!

I also like Gentle Birth Choices . There are quite a few visualization exercises in there that I'd like to practice (some guided imagery, too).
It's out of print, so you may have to do some looking around, but I think that Special Delivery by Rahima Baldwin is great for both moms and dads. It's easy to read and yet has all the technical stuff you'd want.
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