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Looking for a midwife in Reston!

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Heyas - I cross posted to the DC Metro Area tribe. Hope no one minds!

I'm looking for specific recommendations as to midwives who are allowed to supervise births at Fair Oaks Hospital. If anyone knows an OB who is committed to avoiding Pitocin, induction, and other nasty habits, that's fine, too.

The place I've been going to for my annual checkups is also an infertility clinic, and even though they are super nice, as a result of the infertility aspect they have a very medical approach I'd like to avoid.

Thanks very much in advance; thirty minutes of advanced google searching the boards got a lot of thumbs up for Fair Oaks, but not many names.
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I'm not sure if Fair Oaks allows midwives to deliver at this time (about six months ago, I thought they didn't, but I could be mistaken). Loudon County Hospital does allow midwives and even lists a few on its "Choose a Physician" page--I don't know if this is exactly what you're looking for, but perhaps these midwives have a few leads and are better informed about what options are avail. at Fair Oaks, click choose a physican, midwives are listed at the bottom. Hope this helps!
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