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looking for a ped in Maryland

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hey all! we just moved to the Silver Spring area and are looking for a pediatrician. the ones i found in old post are no longer taking new patients. anyone got a referral?
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We like Dr. Stern in Highland. He's just a mile or so from where 216 and 108 intersect. He is on the Howard County side, the other end of his street is Montgomery County. Feel free to PM me for his address/phone/etc.

We started with Dr. Stern when we lived in Laurel when DD was born, and we still drive down to see him now (after moving to the White Marsh Area) because we like and trust him.
I can tell you one to aviod- Spectrum Family in Gaithersburg/Rockville. Dr. Bell told us she'd support and help us with our differnt vac schedule and with BFing. She has given us wrong information (not to nurse when baby is throwing up) and refused to help in locating split MMR's.

However- the nurse practicioner- Betsy is GREAT!
I really like Dr. June Fusner and Nancy Hoover RNP (and lactation consultant) at Kensington Pediatrics.
I second the recommendation of Dr. Fusner but she only accepts newborns at this time, unless you can somehow get them to change that.
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