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Looking for a Ped or Family Practitioner

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I am in the Maricopa area and I am looking for a Pediatrician or Family Practitioner. All ideas are welcome and thank you for your attention.
Anisa Beddow
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Check out've been seeing Dr. Pendleton for 4 years now--she;s great. as are Theresa and Dr. Petersen--I don't know Dr. Bishop, but I'm sure she has the same philosophy--they left Mesa Pediatrics to form their own practice about a year ago, and everything that bugged me at the old office no longer exists here.

We used to go to Charles Martin in Chandler. He is awesome, if you are willing to drive (Alma School and Warner). He is non-vax friendly, extended bf friendly, co-sleeping friendly, very into education and informed decision, etc.

He has his own practice.
I took DD (16mo) and DS (2 yr) to Dr. Martin, but I did not feel the same way. Although I do believe he was a nice man, and was indeed not pushy with vax, he did say something that bugged me, actually 2 things bugged me. When I asked Dr. Martin if he supported extended BF his reply was: "You can do your own thing, but, there is a limit. Your child should no longer come up to you at 3, 4, or 5 and want to BF, there is a time to cut it off. They can't go to kindergarten and be made fun of because they still BF and all the other kids don't." Also when we checked out, the receptionist was on her cell phone the entire time talking about her previous night out and barely made eye contact with me to whisper my co-pay amount...errgh!
These are just things that bugged me, and I am rather picky. So, like I said other than these things he did seem like a nice guy, I just don't agree with him. Hope that helps.
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I second Step By Step Peds- I really like them! Dr. Pendleton is great, and spends a lot of time with you.

I also agree with with Mommy02 about Dr. Martin- he came highly recommended from this board and others. I had the same conversation with him about extended nursing and he told me 3 was too old. I also had the same impression of the office staff- she was trying to do something with her cell phone when we were there too! They also wanted me to sign that I'd received a document that they couldn't even produce for me when I asked what I was signing I received! I'd also heard about him being vax friendly but disagree a bit- he did ask me to sign the paper that contained the "I know that not vaxing my child can harm them" verbage. I realize that it's to protect him- but even so, it rubs me the wrong way-

I would also encourage everyone to look your doctors and children's doctors up on (Arizona Medical Boards Page) I found out some information on one of the Dr's that changed my opinon greatly and I won't go back. Better to be informed and then make a decision that's best for you and your family!
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Yikes! I'm sorry you ladies had bad experiences with Dr. Martin. I had good experiences, but then again, we only saw him twice.
I got the full-on pressure to vax from Dr. Martin. I had a meet and greet appt w/ him before we switched, where I specifically asked about vax, co-sleeping, etc. He said it was up to the parents, even told me how he delayed Varicella for his daughter b/c he wanted her to catch it.

I scheduled an appointment,and it was night and day from what we discussed earlier. He told me how polio was coming back, pertussis was deadly, waaay more than an informative discussion.

I also paged him twice on a Saturday morning and he never called back. Needless to say, I was underwhelmed.

I second checking out the doc's record w/ the med board. Finding out about his (old) drug problem did little to inspire confidence.
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