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Hello everyone,

I'm currently 19 weeks pregnant, calculated for December 2nd, and I wish to have a home birth.
My partner and I live in Thailand, on Koh Phangan and I know that the practices in hospitals here are not as I would like for my own experience (it's my first pregnancy, by the way), so I'm opting to do it my way. I envision a gentle birth in my own familiar surroundings.

I have found a doula already, however the most challenging so far, is to find a midwife who is willing to come over.

An acquaintance of mine, who lives on the same island, is also pregnant and due a few weeks before me. Her and I are in the same boat: we have a doula, but no midwife yet... It would be great if we could find someone who could deliver both our babies.

Which brings me to my questions.
Are there midwives on this forum who are currently in Thailand and available around that time? Or are there any midwives who are willing to come over to our beautiful island? 🙂

If not, would anyone here happen to know about any other midwives or organisations that might help me out?

I have found an archived thread on this forum of someone looking for a midwife in Phuket, however I can't message the people who replied on that post, as I'm a new member and I'm not sure if those people are still active...

Thanks in advance for your time. Any tips are welcome! Looking forward to your replies.
Have a lovely day!

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