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I am looking for some advice, help, and reassurance. My husband has a problem but he thinks it is just the way he is. He has been diagnosed as bipolar 2 but he doesn't like the diagnosis thinks it is wrong won't stay on any medication.
He claims he has no sensitivity, feelings, emotion anymore. I have seen him have emotion in the past and this was not as bad in previous years not that he was ever really lovey.
But he is telling me in one sentance he wants his best friend back he wants his wife, he wants me to sleep in the same bed, ect. But then in another breath he starts telling me he doesn't care he can't care he can't show me that he cares about me can't show any emotion and he is saying this as he really means it says he is not just trying to attack me or hurt me he just doesn't have it anymore.
So is this true that he really feels like he doesn't have it? Is this a part of bipolar? Or is he just stubborn? My marriage is hanging in the threads and I just don't know what to do anymore.

Any suggestions?

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So sorry you are dealing with this. I do think that the denial can be part of it. I certainly can't speak for your DH but it was certainly true for me and I have read others similar stories here. I think Bipolar II can be especially difficult because it is not as obvious, more easily masked and/or explained away.
I would look into some support groups, even just online to get some advice on exactly how to handle this.
I will try and find some for you.
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