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Looking for an advocacy site...

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Somewhere, a long time ago on the net, I saw a site that says "so you're thinking of nursing for 6 months..." and then says in the next three months all the good things you can do for your baby. It goes on to say every mile stone for up to like 18 months or three years or something. Does anyone know what site I'm talking about?
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Yep, haven't been around for a few months. We had a rough time in our marriage, and then bought a house and moved, as well as the demands of my training. It was a really hard balancing act to master and I'm still not sure I'm there 100%. I've been trying to make computer time productive for my training, not just surfing or chatting for fun

Thanks for the link. I tracked down the author from it and e-mailed her for permission to compose a handout for my moms, as well as friends. I've got one right now whose baby projectile vomits for days when she drinks 4 oz of milk, but she wants to wean him to formula at 6 months because she's just so uncomfortable with nursing. She introduced him to formula two weeks ago and he's spent the last week vomiting, running fever and having cold symptoms. Why doesn't this woman's ped tell her that even lactose-free formula is a BAD, BAD idea for a baby like this? Ugh. Makes me so mad.

Sorry, didn't want to get into a rant, but I did anyway *sigh*
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No need to apologize.

Good for you doing what you can to help this mom and baby. I hope it works out quickly.

I understand taking a break. You're one of those MDC members I remember from my first months here as someone I enjoyed reading. It was nice to read you again. Please take care.
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