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Looking for blanket sleepers without scratchy feet.

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Does anyone know of a brand of blanket sleeper without those scratchy no slip feet? Our bedroom is really cold and DD is 6 months old but not moving around at all. So she sure doesn't need no-slip feet.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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How about the Halo sleep sack - They don't have any feet at all...This might drive your DD crazy when she starts wanting to crawl around in bed, but maybe not...I was planning on using one with my DD, but it turns out she's got an internal furnace, and our family bed is almost too hot.
We have some Carter's blanket sleepers that aren't scratchy on the bottom. They do have some sort of non-slip thing, but it's not too much---it's still soft. HTH
I LOVE Land's End Polartec blanket sleepers. I have used them with my DS # 1 and have a few new ones ordered for DS # 2. They are made very well, hold up in repated washings, and are very soft. The fabric also does not ball up like on some of the cheaper blanket sleepers I've purchased.
Sadly, Land's End footed sleepers are still the best. They're around $24 and I just sold out and bought cheap Carter's this week. Big difference.
If your baby fits into the 6 or 9 mos size carters has some that are just fleece footed
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