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I'm Linda....I'm 34 and my DS Evan is 15 months old. We live in Hoffman Estates but are moving to West Dundee in 2 weeks. I'm currently working part time but will be finished with my job in about a month and will be staying home after that. I'd love to find some friends in our area who won't be freaked out that Evan is still nursing and probably will be for quite a while.

We cloth diaper and cosleep and we will not spank, and I am a compulsive recycler...other than that I'm not sure I'm very crunchy (but I'm getting better, LOL !). I am definitely not hip, not in the least. I am oblivious to most trends. We just do our own thing. I guess you could say we are former dinkys who are letting our wonderful child change our lives. And he's doing a fantastic job of it

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