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Does anyone have any suggestions for me? My dd is 4.5 and my ds is 7 months. Since my dd was born, my mom has taken care of her while I worked. After 3 months of maternity leave, I returned to work only 3 days per week. My mom has been taking care of both kids for the three days. Now we are interested in looking for other options.

We pay my mom $200 per week for the three days (she didn't want to take it but could use it and we didn't want to take advantage of her). I am hoping to find someone who could give the individual care for about that amount of money but that doesn't seem realistic.

I am interested in finding a student who would want to live in with us, and we could also pay some cash in addition to the staying with us. She would have a private room and a private bathroom. Also a mini kitchen (small fridge, sink, counters, lots of cupboards, microwave). And a semi-private living room. Although I wouldn't be opposed to someone with their own children babysitting for us, really wouldn't want more children to move in though.

Does anyone know anyone who would be interested? A sister or neice that would want housing in Little Canada, right near 35E and hwy 36?
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