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I'm look for a new place to call home. To buy some land,but more to part of a community.Some were in Mendocino or Humboldt county. I remember as a kid how everyone on our block was one big group. When we went camping the whole block went with my dad and us. If I got into misjif and was up to no good, my mom knew way before I got home.And I caught it. We would go hiking through the hills and when it was time to come in,my dad had this whistle. A British cops. It had a different sound. We would get running. 40 min. later we finally made it home.Yea in the 60's and 70's Marin was a down to earth kinda of place. I've been a meat cutter for over 20 years. and a mechanic and a jack of many trades. Some nail driving. My wife works for the government. It just a job to her. So don't get the wrong idea. Clean air and water a must. The smog I put up with now sucks. This country use to have a lite rail system. Just like Europe. But standard oil and a tire company was fined under anti trust laws for removing them. How they have really screwed up this country. The corps. and the Gov. I just want to go home. Even my dad is in shock over all the transplants that has moved into Marin. That L.A. style Freeway there building in Marin, all they did was bring smog and noise to what was peaceful Marin. Maybe someone can help.
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