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looking for cute fitteds

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The title says it all really

I've been using FBs for DS, but we are off to to France for 3 weeks in August to go see my family. I am looking for dipes for my 32lb, 13 month old DS. He seems to be growing at a rate of knots aswell! At 12m he was 30bs and he put on another 2lbs in the last month, so I want to get something that will fit him for ages.

He is still in the tightest waist snap for FBs and the second tightest leg snap though, even with his hugely chunky thighs
I have ordered 4 fitteds from Jellybean Diapers last week, but i'm looking for more cute prints.

Any links would be much appreciated.
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check out sugar plum baby. i believe she's stocking today at hyena cart.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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