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looking for diaper pkgs. from WAHM stores

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I'm looking for cloth packages only cause it just seems much easier for me to buy them in this manner,at least at first anyways. I Cd our 2 yr. old, so, I will have SOME diaps,not too much I can use for the new babe right away though. I've looked into a few WAHM sites and found a few diaper packages I'm just not too sure I think I'd like to go with either Fuzzi Bunz or maybe PF's and wraps until babe is a bit bigger? What would you suggest? Have a favorite place you have been to that offers these in a handy package??

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Both of these places have package deals. I've ordered from both of them and had great customer service each time...
Naturalbabies has packages too. Colleen is the sweetest person and has great CS.

See less See more has packages where you can try all sorts of things - you get a variety instead of just one thing. Then you can see what works best for your kid.

While it's not my favorite place to buy diapers, I really think they have a excellent package for babies.

" Choose between 3 dozen infant chinese prefolds or 2.5 dozen premium chinese prefolds Also Includes: 4 bummis super whisper wrap velcro covers, 2 Fuzzi Bunz with inserts and 200 rice paper liners."

They offer a bumpy (imse vimse), bummis, and bumpkin package with the same things in it, priced according to wraps. You said you were thinking about fuzzibunz, so this might be good to consider for you

Unless you have unusually large babies (like me!) i'd buy atleast a dozen preemie prefolds and a couple newborn covers...for the first couple weeks. Even at 9+lbs they fit my son better for a couple weeks.

I also liked kissaluvs (i think everyone uses those for but discovered that they didn't fit under a newborn prowrap and ended up modifying my small bumpy cover a little and using that instead.
So if you decide to buy fitteds, you might want to make sure you have atleast 1-2 small covers onhand as well.

Personally though, i'd lean towards something like has, with either a sampler or kissaluvs and preemie prefolds.

But I liked that babymine store was very "basic" in that you pick which wrap you prefer, add in a couple doz of prefolds, and 2 fuzzibunz...which sounds like it might suit your needs

I wouldn't go with ALL fuzzibunz though, because a small FB is awfully big on a newborn. they SAY 7lbs, and it would have fit my son, but it was awfully bulky for such a lil guy! Once he was about 2mths old though, he was wearing fbs fulltime
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Thanks so much,mama's!! I'm going to go and check these out too!!! I may wait to see what I'm having before I pick some colors out and all,but I need to wait till $ matters pickup a bit anyways, I needed these ideas to help!! thanks again!!
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