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I know I want to do this, and I know I can, but I'm feeling apprehensive, and having doubts. I'm not a creative person at all, and have a hard time coming upw ith ideas/things for activities for the kids to do. We haven't officially started HS yet, but plan to in the fall. My boys are gone all summer to their dad's, and I haven't told him my plans for HSing yet. I just about KILLS me to have them gone all summer, since it leaves US with VERY little time with them, hence another reason to HS. I have joint legal & sole physical custody of the boys. So can I even HS them at all? The papers said nothing about not being able to, just that their dad needs to be kept informed on how they are doing, have copies of report cards, etc.<br><br>
I tell myself I can do this, but I'm afraid of failing. The curriculum selection is overwhelming, I don't know what would be best for the kids. I'm already trying to plan out how the days will work, where I need to put everything, etc. I'm also scared of HSing my oldest (he is in 8th grade now). But most (some?) plans encourage self-teaching, right? How do you know if something's not working? What can I Do to encourage creativity? My older 2 boys really need help with this. DH had bought them a 4 wheeler a couple years ago, and he sold it because it never got used. He tells people this, and they are all like "REALLY?? Wow, my kids wouldn't have stayed off of it!". They love reading books, but when it comes to other things, they lack any ambition or creativity to think up things to do. And I feel it's partly my fault for not pushing them more, and for trying to think up things for them.<br><br>
I probably should've HS'ed from the start, would've been easier. And my question is, what about those "state mandated" tests they need to take for graduation? Where are those taken? Where do I get them? The kids are taking tests at school now (the Minnesota Comprehensive Assesments), are those required for HSing?<br><br>
Can anyone give me advice on the Robinson curriculum? I have the opportunity to borrow it from a friend, and I'd love to hear reviews on it.<br><br>
Sorry this got so long, but I'm trying to work through this before summer is over.

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First, take a deep breath! lol<br>
Since you have joint legal custody I would talk to your ex about it. OR consult a lawyer first, if you don't have an amicable relationship with the ex. Having his support or at least not having him be a jerk about it can only help in this case.<br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br>
Those are the MN state hsing laws from HSLDA's website.<br><br>
I would find your state homeschooling group and hopefully some local ones.<br>
I'm not sure where in MN you are, but last night in Moorhead there was a REACH "Introduction to Homeschooling" that looked really good. One of the ladies is going to send me a packet with everything they covered and it's for MN and ND so I could copy and send it along to you if you want.<br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br>
They have it listed there, all the stuff that was covered. PM me if you're interested!<br><br>
Good luck! It'll be ok, just take it easy and try not to get too confused! There's soo much info out there, it's hard to find what you need.<br><br>
Take care!
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