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looking for farm/ acreage to rent in southern VT! help please!

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This is just a long shot but I am just asking around everywhere...

Does anyone knows a way to find good real estate rentals in VT (besides craigslist) please do post ideas! We are a family of 4 looking for rental. either through a property company or private (preferred) in the southern Vt area (Brattleboro would be ideal but we are open to other towns) any ideas or anyone know anyone with farm property for rent in the area? We have been watching craigslist for months and have looked at many places but have yet to find the right place. (I know it's out there!!!) We are looking for a farm situation (with work in exchange for rent options) or just a straight rental/ single family home with acreage. 2-3 bedrooms would be ideal. Pet and family friendly a must! (we have 3 cats and a small flock of chickens) Also the location must have DSL due to my partners work at home business.

Anyway if you by chance know of someone looking for a renter that fits our description, please PM me!
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I'll keep y'all in mind!

How about posting your info on bulletin boards in food co-ops around the area?
Even mail some to co-ops and request they post them for you.
Thank you!
Any leads will be much appreciated!

We are definitely making a flyer up to put at the co-op's and other community boards.

btw~ we likely won't move until fall (Octoberish), but if the right place comes along..
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You can try NOFA Vermont.

Also, VT land trusts may have information about land that has gone into an agricultural land trust and needs someone to work it.

Good luck!
I found this one at the main NOFA site too:

Land Available

Rokeby Museum, a 90-acre historic site, has a field available for someone with the motivation and experience to start a CSA or market garden, but without land. Terms open - barter? The Museum is located on Route 7 in Ferrisburgh, Vermont, about halfway between Burlington and Middlebury.
Contact: Jane Williamson
Email: [email protected]
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