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Looking for free/shareware for budgeting...

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I'm not sure if this post should be in this forum (mods feel free to move it to the right place if not), but does anyone use/have a free or shareware software for household budgeting, or know where I can find one?

I almost bought quicken last night, but I wasn't sure it would do all I want it to do unless I bought the $90 version... Plus, I use quickbooks pro (an old copy) for my business, but it's soooo complex, and I don't feel that I need that many bells and whistles.

I'm looking for something where I can put in all of our expenses/bank accounts etc. and be able to make categories, and make reports so we can track our finances better and start budgeting a little bit.

TIA for any input...
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You can also usually find MS Money or Quicken at most thrift shops for just a couple bucks
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