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Looking for good, supportive ped dentist in South Jersey

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I am down by Atlantic City, but I will travel anywhere in Jersey to find a supportive, understanding ped dentist.

The dentists down here all blame breastfeeding for my son's cavs... and the amount they are qouting after insurance is huge. I need a denstist willing to work with me as far as payment, who cares more about treating the child than the money. Please tell me there is a dentist out there that fits this description. thanks so much.. karen
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but it might be worth a shot. Two friends of mine have used this pedi dentist and have been very pleased. One's ds had to have extensive work done. I don't know her views on bf'ing and cav's, but you don't have anything to lose by calling. Now that I have the number out, I'm calling as well to schedule ds's first appointment. Good luck!

Dr. Elizabeth Merkler
2620 Highway 70, #2C
Manasquan, NJ 08736
(732) 223-2919

MAGNOLIABLUE!! Where ya been girl?

Well, I am in your boat. My kiddos were going to Woodbury Ped. dentists and they are PURE EVIL! DO not go there or Wash. TWP. as they are the same dentists. Now DS is seeing a Dentist in Washington Township (near Wal MArt)I think they are called Dentistry for Special People. They do not paoose as MOST OUT HERE DO and they allow you in the room. The ysee alot of special needs kids so they are caring and gentle (so far). DS teeth are rotting at an alarmig nrate and they never mentioned breastfeeding as a culprit. PM me if ya want. I am working again so forgive me if it takes a lil time to get back to you!!!!
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