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Looking for ideas for 9 month old

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Hi All,
Besides BM, the only things my almost 10 month old eats is a small amount of home-made purees and some cascadian farm brand Os. We have tried the mesh feeder and other finger foods and he isn't interested. This past weekend we were away from home and in a restauarant with a bunch of family. Someone gave him one of the whole wheat dinner rolls. At first I was a little freaked out, because we aren't planning on giving him wheat until after a year old. But then I saw that he wasn't actually really ingesting any, and was loving to chew on it. He doesn't have any teeth yet. It was about the size of a fist. Does anyone have any ideas for something I could make for him that would have a similarly spongy texture and would be safe for teething? Could I bake a "roll" with rice or oat flour...?
Any ideas are welcome!
Thank you!
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Well, the trouble with a soft roll like that is that it could be a choking hazard. Even if the original roll is fist-sized, he could gum it until a chunk breaks off. Teething biscuits/crackers are generally very hard and not easily dissolved/gummed up. If you're looking for something to give him for teething, try an ice cube wrapped in a washcloth.

But yes, you could do some gluten-free baking (try for cracker recipes) and give him a little bread or cracker or whatever, and watch carefully.
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I've had goodluck with giving my son a baguette that got stale. I cut off a piece and he gnaws at it and gets little bits rather than huge chunks like the teething cookies that we have tried.
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