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looking for ideas

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My son has this friend who lives a few doors away from us. Recently (lets see, let me give senarios here).

One day he came to our house and asked if my son could go to a movie. I said ''sure, hold on and I will get ds some money''. His friend said ''okay, I'll meet you at my house'' and took off running. His mom called me and told me she was talking about going to a movie herself, but really did'nt want to bring a bunch of kids along. I told her that was okay and broke the news to my son. He was so disappointed.

I think his friend comes and ask my son to play, but does not ask his mom first. I think when he runs home he is going at that point and time to ask her if he can play.

I'm looking for ideas on how to get this kid to stop doing that. He came over saturday and asked if ds could play. ds was still in his p.j.'s so I told him to change really quick and then he could go play. His friend said he would meet him at his house and took off running. I told my son to hold on a minute and tried to call the friends mom, because I had a funny feeling that he did not ask her. No one answered the phone, so I told ds to wait till we got a hold of his friends mom. In the mean time my cousins called and asked my son to go to a movie, so I told ds that he could go. About 20 minutes later his friend came back down. dh told him ds would play with him later.

We kind of figure when the friend comes over, we are going to try to get him to stay while we call his mom and ask if it is okay for ds to come over, but sometimes he takes off so fast you don't get a chance to tell him.

It makes me wonder if his mom even knows that he ran out of the house and crossed the street to come to our house and ask if ds can play?

Any other ideas?
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I think you have a good idea yourself. Also, if he is old enough tell him he can't ask your ds until he asks his mom first!
Sounds like a good idea to call the mom yourself. Or even ask the kid if he has permission to do what he's inviting your child to do.

The rule at our house is that neighbor kids need to ask their parents before they come over to play (even the kids that wander the neighborhood with no parental supervision). That way, everyone's in the loop.
We used to have a neighbor that did this to us, I think it's pretty common for little ones. We stopped it by just making sure that one of the grown ups answered the door with our son, and asking him if he has asked his parents before we gave our son permission to do whatever.
Kids are funny, and I'm sure he doesn't mean to hurt your son's feelings.

When he comes over and asks if your son can play, before you say yes or no, I'd ask, "Did you ask your mom?" and find that out first, before he takes off. Try to figure it out from there if he's going to be able to play before you involve your son.

Also, I know it's none of my business, but couldn't this kids mom have taken your kid to the movies, even if that wasn't her plan? After all, her son just invited your son! I would have taken him - but I can't stand seeing kids disappointed.

Good luck!
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