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Looking for info - CA waldorf charter schools - Sonoma, Napa, novato

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Hi all.

I am a mama of two young boys in San Francisco. I have learned that there are waldorf charter schools north of us and am very intrigued. I would love to send my children to waldorf schools but it is tough to afford the private ones. I'm looking for ways to talk to parents who participate in these schools. I would consider moving up there but need to know much more about the quality of the education and about the community in general. Any information would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Deb

Mama to big boy Cameron (3.5 years) and baby Jesse
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I would start by looking at the web-site of each school. Then I would simply phone the school, say that I was considering moving to the area and wanted to find out about educational alternatives. Then ask if they would be willing to pass my e-mail or phone number on to one or two families who might be okay to chat with me about the school.

You can figure out a lot about a school by a careful scan of their web-site. Looking pretty doesn't mean much, but if a lot of relevant information is presented in an clear way it indicates the presence of at least one organized person!

Good luck finding answers.
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