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Looking for inspiration

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DS is 7 1/2 and I also have a 3yo and twin 2yos. We have settled into a good working relationship with Sonlight....meaning that we do a lot of what I love and ignore the rest. I am very happy with DS's academic growth. He is also learning german, violin, and just started piano. He is very interested in these things so everything is pretty smooth.

So I am bored. Don't get me wrong, things are chaotic here and I NEVER sleep. I not talking bored as in there is nothing to do. It is more like, I pictured more hands on learning experiences, organizing service learning projects, my kids deciding they were into space exploration and delving deeply into the intricacies of that topic. There is plenty of unstructured time in his day (all school takes 1-2 hours tops on a long day and we do it 3-4 times a week) He is plays with legos and bionicles and reads anything he can get his hands on. But I feel like we are missing some depth....

I also need to have more craft activities for my 3 DDs. I almost have a preschool with 3 that age....any ideas??

The lack of sleep zaps my creativity... I would love to piggy back off some of yours if you don't mind sharing!

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It sounds like your child is doing a lot. He's doing a lot more than all of my children combined.
I'd love to get my youngest involved with a musical instrument but she has no interest at this point.
I think it's great if your child shows interest in a foreign language too, as none of my children do. I don't see where you should be worried at this point, although I know how easy it is to worry.
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