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Looking for KindHeartedWomen???

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I know a lot of you have been looking for KindHeartedWomen diapers. I was wandering around the diapering world and came across this:
It looks like her new site, and she already has some diapers available.

I want some!!!
(Sorry Wagoneers, I don't mean to tempt)
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I tried 2 times to check out with stuff and both times I got error messages!
. After looking around at the site I think it's a wholesale site not meant for us.
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yeah I dont think its open yet.... most of the diapers dont have the options to choose from yet and a lot of it still says coming soon
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Leslie is frantically trying to get the site up, she's on bedrest though so its slow going. She wants to get sewing, but she's waiting for doctor's approval.
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