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Looking for midwife in Des Moines

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Hi, I'm north Des Moines mama. I am looking for recommendations for a midwife. I have tried searching the forum but can't come up with many results.
I had my first child at naturally Iowa Methodist with a wonderful midwife, but she no longer practices in DM, sooo I need to begin a new relationship

This time around, we're entertaining the idea of a homebirth, but have so many ?s
I have heard wonderful things about Cosette Boone. I've also heard some minimal info about Dana Erickson and Carey Ann Ryan.
Please send me feedback on your experiences and/or how much OOP (out of pocket) we'll have to fork over, etc. .

Thanks in advance!
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Hi there...
I would highly recommend Cosette as well. She is my favorite. However, every midwife you mentioned each has a VERY distinct style and personality. I think the best thing you can do is to interview them all and make a choice. I think Cosette is around $3800 right now...but she will help submit to insuance for you. I've never birthed with her...just friends with her and have tons of friends who have birthed with her.
Hi, I have heard good things about all the mws you mention, but from my personal experience I would reccomend Carey Ann Ryan. She has a birthing center as well, so if you weren't sure about doing a home birth you could entertain that idea. I had both of my dds with her at home, the second was a water birth. I have very fond feelings for her and her practice, I can't recommend her enough. She will take the time to answer all of your questions at every visit and she is extremely committed to all the families she works with. It is $3600 or $3800 depending on whether you pay all at once or in payments. She will also help with all insurance filing.

Feel free to pm if you want any more info.

Gentle Birth Midwife
Almost Home Birth Center
Thanks everyone, for your feedback thus far - please keep it coming!! I need all the info I can get. I am really considering a homebirth (but still need to convince dh it's a feasible idea
I understand there are limited mws who do assist with these.

I'm certainly not against hosp births, but would need to find a mw who would really be my advocate fighting off unneccesary interventions. Has anyone had experience with the Methodist Midwives? I understand they may follow the more traditional medical model and I'm not sure how I feel about that?

I was really attached to my previous mw, but she's not in DM anymore

So now, I'm kind of dreading this interview process.

Also, I have a 2 1/2 year old son, he'd be a little over 3 yrs when baby is born in early May - is this too young to let him be present?

So many questions!


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