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Looking for midwife in MS

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Hi, i'm looking for a homebirth midwife for a friend in Brandon MS. The closest one she's found is about an hour away. It seems odd that there aren't more homebirthing midwives in a state where its legal! I've dug up tons in both the states i've lived in where its illegal!
So if you know of any, please let me know or by email or pm. Thanks!
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I know there is a homebirthing MW on the AL/MS line if that would help you. Although if you have found one an hour away that may be your closest.
Norma Clark in Kosciusko is the only one I have heard of, but this site ( ) lists a person in Jackson and a couple in Meridian. There also is a very large doula practice in Jackson that favors homebirths. And there are midwives in Louisiana and Alabama that I have heard will travel here. Please tell your friend that midwives are unregulated in Mississippi, so check credentials. Also, keep in mind that physicians are prohibited by their insurance from backing a midwife, so she may have to choose between not telling her doctor that she is planning a homebirth or planning to go to the ER and getting whoever is on duty if there is a medical emergency.
Have you found a midwife yet? If not, let me know I might be able to make a recommendation. PM me...
I was going to suggest Norma Clark as well. She was trained at The Farm. She aslo has an apprentice MW....can't remember her name though.
Norma Clark helped me with the homebirth of my now 19-mo-old son--in fact, she pretty much saved my son's life. I had a difficult L&D, and I would've certainly ended up with a C-Section if I'd labored in the hospital. (His cord was wrapped under his arms 3 times, and he couldn't descend properly. Without her to "get in and fix things," he probably wouldn't have made it.) She lives in Kosciusko, which is over 2 hours from me, but it was worth the drives. If she still works the same way, you have to drive to her for prenatal visits for the first 6 or 7 months, then she drives to you for home visits for the rest. She is a very traditional, non-interventionist midwife, focused on nutrition and herbs, so if you are looking for someone to offer an ultrasound, then she might not be the one for you. (But she does let you decide if you want to see an OB/GYN, too.) She also accompanies women to the hospital and stays with them if they (rarely) need a transfer. I think she's really wonderful, and I highly recommend her!
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I think Barbara Cerveny is her apprentice, and her site is I'm not sure she's close enough, but she might be able to refer you to someone.
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