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Looking for midwives and doulas in AZ (Phx metro)

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We are ttc #2 at the end of the year and I want to start looking now for care.

I have a wonderful OB/GYN whom I love and who agreed with my birth plan with #1 100%. He let me do pretty much everything I wanted during L&D. Having said all that I feel like if I had had a midwife or nm or even an experienced doula there I wouldnt have given in to being induced which then led to an epidural. He didnt push at all but I still feel like I wasnt encouraged to keep waiting and letting my body do it as my due date passed and then another week passed.

Next time around I would like to try a waterbirth (but not at home) in either a hospital or birthing center. I would love to continue with my OB but also have some support to keep things more natural.

I am not totally set on having a water birth or not being in a hospital I just want to try to find a better support system. DH was wonderful but lets face it, he had no idea what he was doing!

TIA for any direction. Oh and I am in Mesa if it makes any difference.
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We are in Gilbert and facing the same situation - just with a tighter timeframe

We have decided on a homebirth with a midwife. It was a big decision, and one about which I feel really good. The midwife will do in-home visits and spend as much time as we need. I know there is a Birth Circle in Phoenix(metro area), which you may want to attend. I went to the first meeting and it was great. I met some doulas and a great midwife. I was able to ask lots of questions and hear other stories.

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I'm a midwife who is about to move to Mesa! Actually, my husband is already there. I am in Wisconsin, tying up some loose ends. I am leaving a fairly busy practice in order for my husband to advance in his career (he's a pilot and he supports us financially, so I had to make the sacrifice)
I don't know very much about midwifery in Arizona, and we are only planning on living there for about a year or so before I return to my practice in WI, so I can't help you with issues specifically related to AZ.
But I'd be happy to discuss birth related issues with you!
Please feel free to email or PM me!

OT- my BIL is a pilot, and I hope he gets moved to AZ. My sister, niece and BIL live outside of DC (flies out of Dulles). His company just started their own airlines. He thinks Phx will be on the list by the end of the year...Fingers crossed!
Hi I am a Doula in Phoeniz AZ and I am always looking for clients. If you are still interested please contact me @[email protected]
You can find doulas birth and/or postpartum by writing an email to [email protected] giving your city, state and zip. You can also go to and look under locating a doula then click on your state. has doulas too. Best wishes!
Hi Max's Mami,

I think it is wonderful that you are being so proactive and looking into options now - I think it will be wonderful to have some things already in place by the time you start TTC.

I'd love to invite you to our Birth Circle meetings, the link to the yahoo group is in my sig line, or feel free to just email me at [email protected]

Over time, the Birth Network intends to create a referral list of doulas, midwives and ob's who are woman-friendly and support evidenced based care, hopefully some of that will be in place by the time you need it. In the meantime, there were several doulas and one midwife at the last circle meeting I attended before leaving on vacation - so it would be a great way to talk about your options and network with some birth professionals.

As for waterbirths in hospital, there is Bethany Birth Center for sure - they are in the West Valley, but do have an office for prenatal visits in the East Valley. Phoenix Baptist just put in a whole new L/D unit with really nice tubs in each room. I'm not sure what the hospitals offical policy is on waterbirth -but I asked one of the midwives at the Birth Center, and she responded that if a mom "refused' to leave the tub, what else could she do but deliver the baby in water (innocent shrug)

Also, I have a client currently who has, at this point, gotten at least verbal concent to rent a birth tub to bring to Good Sam, and her doc is fine with planning a waterbirth there. I'm not totally convinced until I see something in writing - but it is great news that they are at least considering it!

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