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Calling all mothers with home birthing experience or other forms of natural childbirth: we're currently researching a book on women who've had a very positive birth experience - one where pain is managed naturally, labor is shorter than the average (less than 12 hours), and medical intervention is not needed.

The idea behind the book is twofold. One to find out if there is a common thread of attitude or preparation for women who have an shorter than expected natural birth and a positive birth experience and secondly to present positive birth experiences for other women to read, as most of the stories in the media are either frightening experiences or glossed over as in the celebrity births.
The book is set for publication next year through Aphroditebooks (see in England and hopefully shortly thereafter in North America as well.
We've prepared a questionnaire for your stories which you can find on
We will write up a story from your responses and send it back to you to confirm all details are correct. Any ladies whose stories are included in the published book will get a free copy after publication.

We look forward to your replies.
Thank you!
Gilli Moorhawk
Author Miracle Babies,
Meditations & Positive Thoughts for Pregnancy & Birth
[email protected]

Birgit Nielsen
Writer, Editor and Translator
[email protected]
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