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Looking for North Shore Nassau Momma's

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Hi MDC-ers!
I am an ex-NewYawker, used to live in Sea Cliff. I left my best friend there when I moved 2+ years ago. She had a beautiful homebirth (which I was blessed to be at) and she has a 2 & 1/2 year old daughter. Her husband works and goes to school ALL THE TIME and when he's at home he's got tons of work to she never sees him. She has a car, but can't afford to travel so far to Suffolk to meet up with Lots of long Island moms who have posted here. She is also kinda starved for interesting conversation during the days as she is a SAHM/WAHM. She would LOVE to meet some new groovie moms in the area. She hasn't had a lot of time to check out MDC, but she would fit right in if she did. Hence, this is my post. Are there any other North Shore, Nassau moms who want to connect to have a playgroup/mom's hang out? She lives in Bayville and would love to meet anyone interested. Please post back here if you live anywhere close by and would love to meet a cool chick and her babe. Hopefully we can get a group together here and I can surprise her with the good news and have her get herself a screen name already!!!! And if you are ever in Durham, NC, I'd love to meet you too!
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Anybody out there?
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I'm in nassau county, on the north shore, but all the way on the western part. Is that near your friend?

I have a 19 month old daughter, and we're both pretty groovy. I hope
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so are you in Port Washington, or more west, by little neck? She's over in the Bayville/GlenCove/Roslyn penninsula.
I'd love to connect you groovy girls.
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I live in Garden City and have a 3 year old daughter and a 9-month old son.
AWESOME!!! There are some of you out there.
I'll be planning a trip up to NY to visit in October...maybe we can
all plan to meet and have a playdate when I come up. But of course, if
anyone else wants to organize something before then, that's great too!!!
My friend is very excited to hear that I posted this post for her.
Now she just needs to get her butt in gear and get onto MDC.
Thanks Mommas!
I live close too. We have 3yo boy and a girl (thus the screen name). Would like to do a playdate on the north shore. It's hard to find crunchy mamas here. I don't think we fit into the "look" of crunchy, but beneath the external trappings, we are very groovy.
Hey What are y'all doing next Saturday? I am going to be in town hanging out with my buddy who I wrote this darn post for. Maybe we could meet at a park nearby or go to the beach in Bayville!!!...any thoughts? any interest?
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