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looking for others in granby ct area

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Looking for momma's and poppa's in the granby ct area! our wee little guy is 19months old now!
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Hmmmm...trying to remember where Granby is! We're in Bristol.
I'm in new hartford, about a half hour from granby. Just recovering from some scary birth stuff and lotsa stress, but we'd love a new friend! I'll warn you, I'm not fully mobile yet, but we can chat.
Hi Elisabeth! Amanda from the Friendly Forest here! I had forgotten that you're in New Hartford.

Speaking of Friendly Forest, farmlife3 ... pm or email me if you'd like to join our "Family Oriented Recreation, Education and Support Tribe", aka the Friendly's an email loop for ap style families in CT and we have playgroups, mama's nights out, field trips, tribal batch cooking, and other events.
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