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looking for Parkers mom in Boston

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ok this is going to sound SO silly.

hi, my name is Tiffany, and in 2001-2002 i worked at a chidcare center in Boston by Government Center. I worked in the infant room and sometimes in the toddler room.
We had a a child that came part time (as i remember but now i have mommy brain so it could have been fulltime...) whose name was Parker. his parents were vegetarian, and packed him the best lunches, they used cloth diapers, and as i recall his sippee had MM in it.
anyway, if you belong to MDC, Parkers mom, (its been such a long time and i am SO bad with names) thank you for being an inspiration to me as a parent. you and your husband were always kind, loving, calm, friendly, supportive, gentle, warm and an over all great parenting role model.

I really do attribute alot of my parenting styles and my huge swerve away from the mainstream parenting ideals because of you two.
so, thanks
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it would be nice just to say thanks.
so if anyone knows a couple (i dont know if they are still together, but they were looking pretty in love when i saw them last) who is a little older with a son named Parker, who should be about 6 or so right now, ask them if they ever had a childcare center worker names Tiffany, and let them know i think them from the bottom of my heart.
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