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Looking for Patients!!!!

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my name is aishia muhammad
i am a midwife from philadelphia pa. i am looking for women who are interested in homes in the area... I am now doing FREE FREE FREE Home births as long as the patient is paying for our doula services (which are exstremely reasonable - the lowest around - in fact!)... I am doing this as a promotional effort to help fund our Birth Center that we are trying to open in philly - and to build a healthy repor and educate the local women; esp. those of lower income, of the importance of having a safe and natural birth.
al muslima and motherhood is the name of the organization and will be also be the name of the birth center (GoD Willing) we are catering to the special needs of muslim women BUT we do WELCOME ALL WOMEN!!! Please inform others of our services... also i would love to hear ideas and opinions on what we r doing!!!

...We also have childbith classes and mommy again classes.
aishia @ Al Muslima And Motherhood
[email protected]
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Wow, what a great offer.

Did you post this in the tribal or birth sections... I bet you would get more lookers.

Good luck,

Originally Posted by TiredX2
Wow, what a great offer.

Did you post this in the tribal or birth sections... I bet you would get more lookers.

Good luck,
Are u talking about sections in the newspaper or some other site or something?
I know it sounds like a stupid question but i just want to understand completely what u meant ...and thanks for the tips either way.
Actually, i dont think that there r many women in philadelphia pa interested in home births! that just might be my problem! lol... or maybe they are all hiding?!!
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I am also a doula (but in WA!) and have found that there are many ways you can market this opportunity.

Connect with local mosques (I don't know what the restrictions are about this), speak to the people who would be responsible for giving support to pregnant women and let them know you are available. (I apologize for my ignorance...)

There is an online email group of doulas who can also help to pass along referrals. Go to and search for "doula". The group you're looking for is called "doula" and has over 900 members. It's a fantastic network of international doulas who regularly support each other and pass on referrals.

Become a member of the doula organizations. CAPPA ( will list your information on their membership listing whether you are certified with them or not. Annual membership is $40 and there are many benefits. There is also DONA ( who will put you on on their website if you are certified with them.

Contact other midwives in your area, talk with them about where they are getting referrals.

Contact local massage, chiro, etc... and let them know what you are doing. Send them a flyer or business card that they can give out to clients who they think might be interested.

Post to bulletin boards that are relevant to your location: Here at mothering, you would post here:
That is the board for Pennsylvania and women and practitioners post there to find each other.

Good luck!
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Ok - color me
but why does muslimaOmidwife have a zero post count?

Besides that I think she should move to South Africa!
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Okay i am gonna cry
cause u all r giving me so much support and advice... its so sweet!!
I really would like to move to a place where a homebirthing midwife/doula can be apprecited. i was gonna move to sudan but my hubby and i are trying to save up the funds ya know... i really really love doing what i do . and if any of you run into ANY WOman who is interested in my services here in philly pa, please refer me! Also i am tryin to open a birth center and my plan was that the money coming from my doula services will help opn the birth center ...but the it will an underciver birth center...bc i do not wish at all to adhere to the "system" or the new "money making scam" of delivering babies...i choose traditional childbirth! But i will look into these different groups and places that u all are refering me to ! Again i really appreciate your help!

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hi, i am so glad you are doing this work
and wish you were near me (indiana) so i could be involved

but i did just give your name to somebody from the homebirth page
she lives in new jersey
and her thread is titled "help, considering a uc" or something like that
she is also a muslima and is planning a vbac
and her hospital just changed its vbac policy
i hope you don't mind, but i copied the info from one of your posts
and put it into her thread in the hopes that if she contacted you
you might be able to put her intouch w/ somebody
and anyway, pa is a lot closer to nj than ind. is
best of luck w/ your endeavor
and my advice would be to start at the masjid
surely there are many in philly
try the student muslim organizations at universities too
a lot of international students are there w/ their families
lots of american muslims too of course, i was just thinking how
at IU, where i went, there were tons of muslim students from
all over the world
if you offer childbirth classes and doula services you will attract a lot of people who may not know much about homebirth
but will learn from you, god willing
if you especially want to help other muslim sisters/families
that would be my suggestion
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thanks for the info... actually i am very pleased that u have passed my information on to someone else...Thankyu much!

Also i am doing business with non muslim women as well so feel to tell them too - cause everyone has babies!

Oh and i was just wondering ... R u muslim? or used to be muslim? or studying islam? cause most ppl cant even say 'masjid' more or less spell it! :LOL
plus u seem very religious and thats it not very common amoungst the non muslims that i meet now a days... they usually dont say "God willing " and this is somehting that the muslims always say (Inshallah - in arabic)
oh well... just wondering!

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I know of a few people here who like the idea of homebirth...the problem is in this area people either don't realize they can do it or they can't find somebody to assist them!!! There probably is a market here but it would be a very new market that needs to be opened.

Good luck!

yeah u r right i am sure there r ppl interested but ... they r in hiding!

i am gonna keep posting flyers in clinics and hospitals maybe i will try the subway and down town passing them out!? Do u thing that would be strange? i wouldnt just stand around to do it, i would just bring the flyers with me when i am going down town for something.
another problem is that i am muslim woman who wears niqaab (veil over the face) and most ppl r scared that i am gonna blow them up or somethin! lol!
i am not gonna uncover for ANYONE; so what ideas do u or others have for me in informing these ppl of my services without them being paranoid? i think i spelled that wrong! lol
i do business with plenty of ppl and a i get great responses but when ppl see me- that is where the problem is! ppl these daysr so shallow!
so give me advice yall!
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