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looking for ped or family doc in WV

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Anyone have recommendations? Specifically looking for no-vax friendly docs. And anyone into alternative medicine would be a dream come true. The areas I'm looking at are Morgantown, Fairmont, Clarksburg, and maybe as far as Elkins. Any suggestions would be wonderful!!!!!!!

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i'm not sure where they stand on vax-ing since i was vaxed, but i had a great pediatrician in Morgantown - Dr. Jacubec. I saw him till i was like 15 and only stopped then because i was embarrased sitting in his waiting room
: sorry i don't have the number, i haven't lived in Mo-town for almost 10 years.

Another good pediatrician, and one of the few women peds in the area, is Dr. Majumbder (not sure about the spelling... i know it's close, though. It's an Indian name) - i was friends with her daughter growing up, and her husband works with my dad - she is a really sweet woman.

also, if you happen to be looking for a good gyno (she has a midwife on staff too), i *loved* Dr. Rita Payne - when i lived there her office was out by Cheat Lake (near Morgantown). She has the most incredible bed-side manner, is extremely gentle, caring, wonderful.

hope that helps! are you in Morgantown? i grew up there. i know lots of great restaurants, clubs, galleries, etc. if you want to PM me i'm more than happy to share!
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