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Looking for pediatrician in Philadelphia

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I've gone through two pediatricians since my son has been born. He's almost eight months old. His first pediatrician lectured us over and over again about why we needed to get his shots. Just a bad situation. The one we have now has a major phobia about co-sleeping. And is telling me that Koba is getting fat because of all the night nursing. SHe told me I need to put him to sleep awake so he cries himself to sleep ergo, he will sleep longer. Well I believe in atttachment parenting so I'm not going to do. She pretty much wants me to ween him off demand feeding.

I need a pediatrician that is co-sleeping friendly, excepts my decision to not give my child shots, and also excepts my attachment parenting and everything that goes along with that, including demand feeding. I don't want to get pressured to put my baby on a diet (he is thirty pounds). All the baby's in my family are big. He only gets the breast and one to two organic fruits/veggies daily. I don't want my baby stigmatized for being healthy and big.

Any suggestions?
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I'm sorry that I don't have a ped recommendation since I don't live in your area, but did want to offer empathy! My ex-ped told me that my oldest was obese when she was 2 b/c she was in the 95th percentile for height and weight - duh! If it were only weight, maybe, but I doubt it. She was just proportionally big. Btw - she is now almost 6, weighs 41 lbs & is 43 inches tall. She doesn't have an ounce of fat on her & is much leaner than many of her friends from kindergarten.

When I went to switch peds after that comment & the nurse telling me that I should be formula feeding instead of bf b/c "vegetarian breastmilk is inadequate"
, I called around to a bunch of local ped's offices & told them: I co-sleep, my kids are ebf, I will not be vaxing for ____ (I did do some vaxes), etc. Do you have a dr who will be willing to work with those decisions & not give me a problem about it. One of the offices did a wonderful job matching me to a D.O. (a different kind of dr who is still a regular licensed pediatrician). She has been fabulous & has never given me a problem about any of my decisions. I hope that you have luck in your search!
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are you in the city or outside? i know of a few peds who would fit the bill but they're a bit of a hike from the city.
I live in East Falls (located in philly). I currently don't have a car but am in the process of getting one. i would still love to hear of the docters. thanks.
we use dr. jean flood in phoenixville. she's homeopathic, an MD, and sees children and women.

yo, babymama...
i found a great family physician just outside the city in bala cynwyd (or however you spell it)... his hame is dr. andrew lipton, he's a DO at narbeth family medicine and acupuncture. he isn't a pediatrician, he's a family doctor... but he has a ped student dr at his office who's delightful. my newborn daughter has been seeing him for her well-baby visits and we just love him. he dosen't innoculate at his practice, and takes very individual and sensible approach to helping you decide when, which and if vaccination are right for your child (he will refer you to a ped who does vaccinate if you wish). his own kids were born at home, and he seems very aware and suportive of attachment parenting, breastfeeding, and co-sleeping. he gave my boyfriend wonderfully supportive advice about bonding and the important role a father plays in parenting. after searching for a practitioner who shares our philosophy for my entire pregnancy, we're very happy to have found dr lipton, and glad we didn't comprimise! good luck! peace and blessings.
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