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looking for pediatrician open to delayed/selective vax in St. Louis

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I live in the St. Louis area and I'm interested in switching pediatricians for my almost-8-month-old DS.

I am mainly interested in locating a board-certified pediatrician, preferably an MD, who may be open to discussing the possibility of delaying or selectively vaccinating, or even supporting the idea of ordering individual vaccinations and administering them one at a time. (I know this is a tall order
). I haven't decided what I want to do yet, but I realize the first step is being able to have a civilized non-confrontational conversation about the issues.

A bonus would be a pediatrician who is very supportive of BF including extended BF. However, this is not as important (obviously I do not *need* a doctor's cooperation on the BF issues).

Finally (and I should probably post this in the vaccination forum), has anyone read any peer-reviewed research articles (e.g., in academic scientific journals) concerning benefits (historical or contemporary) or risks of vaccinations? If anyone has done this research, I would really be grateful if you shared your bibliography.

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We love Dr. Liu at Bluefish Pediatrics. He's fine with delayed/selective vaxing (which is what we are doing), and seems to be softening his stance on non-vaxing as well. He's very bf friendly as well. His practice partner, Dr. Finn, is very pro-vax (at least this is what Dr. Liu says), so we make sure to just see Dr. Liu for check-ups.
We see Dr. Lui also, and he sounds very much like what you're looking for. Dr. Lui is all about "civilized, non-confrontation conversations!"
So far, we are vax free, and he doesn;t seem to mind at all. I really get the feeling that he listens to us and trusts that we are intelligent people capable of making choces for our family.

I also like that he's fairly young, and seems current with research. As far as BF goes, I know he is on the AAP board of breastfeeding, and heard from another mother, that he claims 90+ percent of his mothers breastfeed.
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Thank you for your replies! I had heard good things about Dr. Liu before (aside from his willingness to consider and accommodate other viewpoints about vaccinations) so he seems like a good choice.

Jenny (Ellie'sMom), I am wondering if you would be willing to share what you are doing as far as selective or delayed vax. I understand though if it is too private to post on a message forum. I have started reading Stephanie Cave's book which outlines a possible delayed vax schedule, but it is several years old. Do you know if MMR is available currently as three separate vaccines?

I am taking my 8-month-old DS to our current pediatrician today for his 6 month visit (oops), and I am planning on declining his vaccines today (he had been fully vaccinated through his 4 month visit). He has been battling a bad cold/cough, so I wouldn't want him vaccinated today anyway. I hope I don't get any flak for this, since I know it is the norm to vax despite a cold. Then I'll try to contact Dr. Liu and just switch doctors under the radar. The kicker is I am a medicine person (just a student, though), a surprisingly tight circle of people, and I'm sure it would be not well received that I question the status quo.

Thanks again,
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Kristin: I will e-mail you what we have done so far. It's a bit haphazard as my views on vaxing are a work in progress. I'm a medical person too fwiw.

Could I have met you several months back at the KK nursing mom'd group? I'd be the one who was always at least an hour late and has twins.
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