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Looking for pros and cons to WIO's.....

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Tell me the scoop.....I have some coming already and if I totally hate them as WIO's I can just use the covers. I just want to hear you all yap about it actually to pass the time until the things arrive. I am in serious need over here of some fun fluff to come to my mailbox. I have been waiting forever, like a whole week.

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Happy's Daddy's Day to your DH!

I have a WIO from BBH and it is so cute and well made, but...I hate it. I put it on ds once and thought, this is silly. He is a super soaker, day and night, and the layers just don't cut it. They also don't cover the whole diaper. I just don't like them at all. Some mamas love them and swear by them. I thought about keeping the cover, but it is so lovely, I should just sell it. It is the surfboard WIO from BBH, only worn once.
I guess I am just a fitted with soaker girl.
Although I did just get a FMBG AIO with really cool flames on it. Ohhhhh, I couldn't resist!
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I have a WIO set from SugarPeas. DD has outgrown the snap-in but not the cover, so now we just use the cover over my home-sewn fitteds. The snap in was OK for short term pee-only use but I can't imagine a messy, drool-runny breastfed poop in it! It would run right onto the cover. I'd rather not have to wash my wool that often!

The cover is still great and we use it all the time
I thought the idea was terrific but it just didn't work for us.
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I have some coming too and we'll see how they work. I plan on mostly using the shells as covers over my fitteds, though.
: It's a nice option to snap in a diaper if they *just* pooped or something and you are not expecting more poop.
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I love them when I know my kids are not going to poop in them! I love love love BBH everything, but honestly my DDs breastfed poops always leak on the wool.
So, for the toddlers I love them, not so in love with them for the breastfed only babes.
We have a couple, they're mostly used as covers, the snap-ins are used like any other dipe really.
same here...neat concept, but in reality it's not so "neat". My guy doesnt do a dependable pooping schedule so I don't risk poop on a wool cover....who wants to try to clean that? UGH.
I only have one WIO and it's from Loveybums, and I really like it. The absorbant part of it is elasticised(sp?) so I don't have to risk messy bf poop on the wool. The only thing I don't like about it is thatit's pretty bulky. But that's because it made of sherpa instead of, say, hemp terry. And for it's bulkiness it is VERY absorbant. I use it for nighttime when I know he won't wake up for at least 5 hours on his own.
The Sugarpeas "fitted" (ie elasticized) snap in has held up to runny bm poop fine. We use the bbh when we figure he's done pooping. But honestly, the soaker is pretty broad and has worked ok the couple times he's poop'd in it.

I do like the wios and so does dh.
I've got him loving and experimenting w/ all the stash.
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I had two from Little Lambs. Those were actually pretty good, a lot of the ones I've seen online look like the insert has very little coverage. But I just never used them, wool is too bulky to go under clothing. I'm only really happy with a diaper (except for night) if its as trim as a sposie, so they sat in the drawer.

To me too, I dont want a bits and pieces stash. I cant see why in the world I'd want just a couple of WIO's. Either I will love them - in which case I want my entire stash to be WIO's (waaay too expensive) or I might as well get more of something I do love, kwim? Its why I've never really ventured into fitteds either. I've just bought the odd thing, tried it and thought "pretty good" but sold it because I dont want to buy 30 of them (or cant get 30 more to the poing).
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