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Looking for silk???

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Anyone know where to get silk to make liners or what kind of silk to buy. Lily has been getting blisters on her bottom since birth from the wetness of the diaper.
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The best source right now for silk is Exotic Silks. They have bulk/wholesale pricing.
Their more retail side(though still better priced than Dharma) is Thai Silks

As far as what would be best for the bumm, I am not sure.

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Luxe Baby (according to a thread on the diapering forum) uses tussah silk and the first link, Exatic Silks, requires you to be a memer. I know there are silk coops so where are they. Of course, I am pretty sure now that i think about it that i am a memeber of that coop but I belong to so many....the eveil draw of fabric.
I know it has to be raw silk and the company that I got mine from was in the UK. I'm not sure if these are the same brand I have (mine are Disana) but here's a link.

Sorry I can't help you with just finding the silk... I have no idea where to get raw silk since it's not something I use every day! :LOL
Here is the link to the "silk noil"(raw silk) from Thai Silks.

Thanks! Is that the same as the Tussah?
Tussah is the term used for silk that is harvested the wild silkworm as opposed to "farm" raised silk worm. So many weaves can be done from tussah silk. I suppose raw silk(silk noil") can be woven from wildcrafted silk or farm raised. It is just unbleached/untreated and a basic weave.

Okay now I am confused! So can I use any kind of silk or is it a special kind?
And Beth, why are you online - start popping out that baby! If you have it today you'll be up to playgroup on Tuesday I'm sure of it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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