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Looking for UC/UP'ers in Austin area

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I need to find out exactly what I need to do to get a birth certificate after having an UP/UC. I know I need to call the justice of the peace to talk to them, but what do I say? "Hi, I need to know how to get a birth certificate for a baby with no prenatal or birth records?" I don't see that going very well in my close minded area. I would like advice coming from someone who's been through this in my area already.
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Oh, it's EASY.

Call your justice of the peace and ask for a "Homebirth Packet." They won't mail it, you'll have to go pick it up. The "Homebirth Packet" will include a birth certificate form-- make sure it is blue, an original (my first time they gave me a photocopy *doh*)-- and will also include a copy of the State Law pertaining to homebirth registration. This State Law paper is an actual photocopy of the Statute. I once found it online but can't find it now. Basically it says that you need a note from any person who witnessed your pregnancy, saying that they witnessed your pregnancy and signed with a notary public. Then you also need a witness that your birth did occur on the time and date and at the place you have indicated on the b.c. and have it signed with a notary public. The law says "doctor, health practicioner, midwife or some other person." I simply had a friend write out on a piece of paper, "I hereby swear that _______ (my name) was pregnant and bore a live child, ______ (baby's name) on ___ (date, time) at ____ (place), I so solemnly swear." and had it notarized.

The b.c. form itself has the top part that is required to register... then a thick black line and everything under that line is for statistic gathering purposes... asks how many prenatal care visits you had starting in what month, whether there were complications in preg or birth, and lots of other nosy questions. The first UP/UC I had, I answered every "optional" question with an N/A. I didn't give the parents SSN# either--- now, if you don't give the parents SSNs, they won't send the application to the SS office and you'll have to get an official copy of the b.c. and go to the SS office and apply for a SSN for the baby. So our second UP/UC I did answer most of the questions, I figured that statistically there needed to be someone who had no prenatal care and a perfect outcome LOL... and I did put the SSNs so that they'd automatically apply for SSN for the baby. To no avail... we still didn't get the SSN and had to go to the SS office.... but that one was registered the first week of Jan and we were in a hurry to get the SSN so we could file our taxes.

PM me if you would like to talk more... I live in N. Austin, not too far from RR. And I know a handful of other area UP/UCers... we should have a get together.
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No shit? Wow. That sounds so easy. I will totally have dh pick me up a packet on his day off. I would love to get together sometime.
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