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please accept my apologies if this post is not suitable for this forum.

I have developed a little application called TimeBreak, and am currently looking for volunteers to test software before I put it online. It is a small application that basically allows you as a parent to limit the computer usage of your kids, by setting time limits for each day. You can select a different time limit for each day of the week, and choose what action the system will take when your kid runs out of time (auto-logoff, lock session, or do nothing). It can track and limit the time usage of any number of kids, on any number of connected computers (so the kid can't simply hop over to the next computer whenever she/he's run out of time on one computer).

The development of the system is completed, however before I put it online I'd like to have it tested by someone else, preferrable someone I don't know so that I can get some honest feedback. I will not ask for a lot of feedback, the most important thing for me is to ensure that it actually works, and that it is simple to install and use.

If you'd like to test this software, send me a PM, reply to this thread, or drop be an email at testing(at) I will of course provide a free license (worth 5-10 USD, not quite decided yet) for the program for all testers.

Best regards,
Henrik Berg
Berg Familyware
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