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Looking for wahm jobs

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I need some wahm job ideas. I need more money. Has anyone done those silly surveys?

Also does anyone work on trade? I knit, crochet, and sew a little....not enough to do an etsy store really. I'm just wondering about this in general really. I am not specifically as that would probably be against some rule. idk...just guessing.

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Kara, try something like medical transcription. It's one of the most reliable ways of making money working from home. And the money is pretty decent too. You can make $10 - $20 per hour doing this job. You may need some sort of medical transcriptionist training before you start getting projects to work on, but affordable online courses are easily available, so you don't have to step out of your house if you don't want to!
I tried survey sites but they are slow money earner. You need to reach a certain points to receive payout, however, it would take you months to get that points.

About the trade, that depends if you can do it around the place where you are, or you might put it on selling sites. No idea.
I also do survey, but the time spent is not worth the money! So far I am working at home through the net started in data-entry and earned some skills to increase my rate. Yes, a knowledge in medical transcription is one of the skills you can earn from. As of now, Im increasing my skills in photoshop. They surely pay a lot for each edited picture!! PM me if you like to know the sites, I am into different one. Working fulltime/partime is your choice! Happy earning!
I tried a few different things and then found out about a natural weight loss/health product/body contouring company that has been A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.. I am *very* close to supporting our family entirely from home now, and this is coming from a woman who works FT as a paramedic right now! I get paid monthly, and then can make weekly bonuses as well. If you have time, you can do home parties which is fast cash for you. I don't do those because I just don't have the time between being a paramedic and having two toddlers at home with a husband who is away for school. LOL. The company is great, the products work and are affordable, and everyone wants them, especially when they see your results. Good luck mama! Emailing me is the best way for me to send you info, because I don't have regular Internet access and can check that on my phone. :) lifemoresimply at yahoo
Which sites are good for medical transcription training??

and which sites are good for data entry? I am looking into both as extra income. I stay with home with my children because we homeschool and I need a stay at home job.

I have seen SO SO many websites and don't know which is reliable!!
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