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looking for ways to reduce the bulk

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Recently my daycare provider expressed concern about how my DS is crawling (on one knee and one foot with leg turned out) and standing (feet and legs turned out). A physical therapist who works with another child said she thought cloth diapering and the sling could be contributing to the problem.

Well, we saw a DO in our family practitioner's office yesterday. She said that there is nothing wrong with DS (meaning no serious underlying condition), though he is showing a tendancy to want to turn his legs out much more than in. She did say she thinks the bulk of the diaper in the front is contributing to this.

I have been trifolding prefolds in bummi SWWs and having to turn down the excess in front. DS has incredibly chubby little legs but a short rise so there is alot of excess. It ends up making quite a little codpiece in the front.

I do not want to use disposables if I can help it. I ordered some contour diapers and in the meantime I am trying the bikini twist fold (it does seem to cut down on the bulk quite a bit). I also could cut the diapers down so there isn't as much excess. Does anyone else have any suggestions about how to cut down on the bulk, especially between the legs and in front?

Any and all ideas are welcome. Thanks!
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I think it is ridiculous for them to blame the CD for this!!
Can you imagine that??? It would mean that everyone born before the 60's (or whatever decade that was) has problems!
Could it be that your baby is just doing the crawling/standing differently? For example, my brother would only walk sideways, and one of my cousins would turn her feet out. They both were DDed and were perfectly normal kids after that...

Edited to add that I do bikini fold on my baby boy, pin the diaper and put a thin nylon pull on on top (Dappi). It never leaks and is VERY trim.

I recently posted a description of how to trim prefolds.

You could definitely do that -- maybe even try it without the "doubler" sewn in and see if it's enough absorbancy. Then you could sew it in later (or just use it as a separate piece when needed). I've done this to all my prefolds, and they fit *much* better.

Also, you could try folding the prefold in quarters sideways and laying that in the wrap.

That creates bulk between the legs, but not much up front.


*edited to add -- I also think it's unlikely that slinging and cd'ing would negatively affect your ds's walking/crawling. Just about every child of every mom on this message board would be having problems if that were the case. Most likely, it would have happened even with disposables -- but I'm sure it will correct itself soon. Meanwhile, it's still nice to reduce the bulk on those cd's
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I remember awhile back a thread in reguards to something similar to this. If it eases your mind any- my sister-in-laws little girl started standing and walking with her feet turned out and she wears disposibles. Babies are so limber anyway- I can't image that cloth diaper "bulk" would have anything to do with it. JMHO
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