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$750 Single Mother looking for cohousing

I am the single mother of two lovely kids ages 8 and 4. I am looking
for another single mother to cohouse with.

I would prefer to live in inner SE/NE as that is where my children's
schools are. I am currently living in Outer SE. I have references and
would prefer someone willing to have a background check done. I am
extremely reliable and need a roommate that is the same.

Ideally, I would like two bedrooms in a house. Don't need my own
bathroom. I am really hoping for a house, not an apartment. I would
love to have an organic garden and composting station. I took a class,
but have no space. I would also love to have some chickens.

A little about us. I work full time at an organic produce distributor.
What this means to you is farm fresh organic veggies/fruit at a low
low price and wholesale prices on anything organic you can think of
from toilet paper to refried beans (well, that sounds gross huh?)

I use to Doula, but don't anymore as it was too hard on my kids. Maybe
I will again some day. My dd attends 3rd grade and my son goes to
preschool. I practice attachment parenting (i.e. try to be gentle, no
spanking, natural TV, etc).

I have a great relationship with their daddy/ex-husband. He has them
50% of the time. I have a BF that doesn't live with me and won't be.

I have been sharing a house with my sister, but she is done with
school and will be moving home to Bend soon.

I have a vision of quiet time spent reading, fun time with kids,
cooking dinner sometimes, maybe a beer in the yard on a warm summer
evening (is there anything better than a black butte porter?)...that
sort of thing. Always, respecting boundaries and needed alone time. I
am not a big "partier" but also not a stick in the mud.

I am a pretty mellow person with a wicked sense of humor. Extremely
liberal, openminded and all around fun! I consider myself a
"flexatarian" and eat vegetarian at times...meat at times...but am
open to all sorts of dietary beliefs as long as mine are respected. My
kids love vegetarian food and if it was an issue, I would have no
problem being a veggie at home and only having meat elsewhere. I make
a mean raw almond milk!

I consider people with piercings and tatoos to be "normal" and am
suspicious of the "perfect" people of the world.

We come with two cats! both well behaved and cute...and they LOVE
kids. They won't even talk to me if I came home without them. They sit
and glare at me like I forgot something. They love to sleep with the
kids all snuggled into the bed. When the kids are gone...they sleep
downstairs.. .

As a family we like to hike and go to the zoo, OMSI and to parks. We
like to camp and swim. I like to stay active and have something to do!

When the kids are away, I like to hike, just got a bike and like to
contemplate mud puddles. I go to shows and listen to music I giggle a
lot and am known to be a tad bit silly at times. I like the Simpsons
and have NEVER watched American Idol. When alone, I listen to music or
sit in the quiet. I have read the new Harry Potter book 3 times and
think I want to marry Amy Winehouse.

OK, I TALK TOO MUCH...even via email me if you are

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I Know there was another PNW'er (dont remember if it was OR) looking to move in with some one..(great and
post) i would do a search to find her

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Ok... that someone was you
so i guess you found her

sorry, i will stay out of it... i will only join if i know WHAT THE HECK im talking about
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