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We did a 20 hour car trip a couple of months ago. The girls had their Leap Pads with a few new books. Dh nixed the Crayola Color Wonder stuff since last time it did leave stains on their clothes. We had a stack of new books, some music to sing along to and my computer for watching movies. Since my computer has an older screen it meant no movies until after dark. I'd wanted to let the girls draw on Post it notes and stick them up, but dh nixed that idea as well. They'd have loved it, even just peeling them off the stack with no coloring at all. Before we left we also helped each girl pack a small tote bag with her favorite toys and they had those next to them. We also stopped at certain fast food places along the way that we knew would have fun toys. You can buy the toys by themselves if you don't want the meal.

I'd say they spent about 1/2 of the time that they weren't asleep playing with the Leap Pads (they've always liked playing with them), the other half was either staring out the window and talking about the scenery or playing with small toys or looking at books. And a movie after dark.
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