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DVDs, LeapPad & Books [Read stories to non-readers, interactive, etc], Crayola Magic Markers & Books [They color on ONLY books, not seats, clothes, etc], Of Course -- many many BOOKS, Music CDs [like Yanni, Disney sound tracks, Best of the 50s-n-60s, Muppets, you get it],

Also a nice idea is one of those RoseArt kits with paper pad, color book, pencils, crayons, stickers, etc in Theme of Choice. [Son has TMNT, Neighbor has Bratz, etc]

And may I suggest a school pencil box filled with those Polly Pockets. [Uhg, I know, but REALLY a wonder for car time.] A pencil box full of "things" is easy even for your 1.5 yr old -- ex Fisher Price Little People.

Finally if you can afford it/them, try some of the Klutz kits. The "Activity Book" is a must, and the SpiroGraph is also a good one. I dont know about others but you get the idea.

PS. One final tip, pick motels with a heated pool. It is [in my opinion] worth the extra bucks to stop driving before bed and take a nice 30+ minute swim with the kids to wear them out a bit and relax everyone overall. Swimming again before getting into the car for another 10 hrs is a REAL treat too.
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