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Wow, 20 hours, that's quite a hike. I have never done that long a drive with my ds but we do go regularly to my parents and sister, which is a 6 hour drive, so we have it down. We rely heavily on the Etch-a-Sketch and Magna Doodle. Last trip I had found for under $10 a set of 4 simple wooden puzzles that came in a box with a lip around it so it functioned as a lap holder to do the puzzles on and this kept him occupied for quite a while. This is great for a kid who really likes to do puzzles. You have to be careful the pieces don't get lost of course. Also we have Stuart Little read on tape (have to get another one).

I totally second Levar on the pool idea. Now if we ever have to stay in a motel or hotel the first criteria is if they have a year-round or indoor pool.
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