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some from my childhood...

1 - a map of the usa and canada to tally up license plates from other states. we always saw licence plates from all fifty states and all canadan provences. (plates from the state we were driving through didn't count, nor did they count stat about five-ten miles before we crossed the state line. and unless you could make a great agrument non were counted from the disneyland parking lot.

2 - my mother ised to stash never before seen toys. they didn't have to be expensive or fancy, just new.

3 - we used to get up really early and stop for breakfast about two hours down the road. it snuck in a couple extra hours when it was cool in summer months and it was exciting to go out for breakfast which we never just did. also if you going-out-to-eat budget is tight breakfast is usually cheapest for the amount of food.
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